10 Most Expensive & Prestigious High Schools In The Philippines, 2015

With the cost of tuition skyrocketing in the Philippines, education ends up eating a large chunk of any family’s annual expenses. But just how much does it take out of a Filipino family’s wallet to send a child to some of the most exclusive schools? Here are the 10 most expensive schools where you can educate your child in the Philippines this year. Although many private schools are quite secretive about their fees, it’s good to see if parents are really getting what they’re paying for.

10. De La Salle Zobel

Located in the exclusive village of Ayala Alabang, DLSZ’s tuition fees for high school students were set roughly around Php 110,000 per year back in 2011—and this year tuition fee increases were implemented, as well as a campus development fee. This school is known for its great facilities and a strong athletic program, which extends to physical therapy, an enormous football field with synthetic grass, archery and weights rooms, and classes for martial arts, automotives and handicrafts.


9. Ateneo High School

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com

Back in 2010, it would cost a family Php 130,000 per year to send a child to all-boys school Ateneo in Quezon City, which does not include fees for graduation, books, and other resources. Ateneo has facilities comparable with many other schools on this list, include a sprawling gymnasium, open-air and well-ventilated rooms meant to be in harmony with the environment.