22 of the Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to many beautiful women. Our race is particularly unique as our country has been a melting pot of various nationalities which have been part of our history as a people.

But, before you folks argue, and fight over your beauties of choice, don’t forget this: Beauty is relative. Whoever is included in this list, well…. they’re beautiful to my eyes.

For starters, beauty is a construct and therefore, is relative. It means, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. So, there’s no quantitative gauge or metric in telling how beautiful a person is. You can try aesthetics, the likes of asymmetry, variety, etc. But, generally speaking, there’s no criteria. What is pleasing to the eye, is simply pleasing to the eye, no need to be technical.

Anne Curtis


Anne is born to an Australian father and a Filipina mother, which apparently is a beautiful combination. She is one of the lead hosts of a popular noontime show in the Philippines called Showtime. She also stars in a leading TV series called Dyesebel, where she plays a mermaid. She is not just beautiful; she is also very charming and funny that people easily get drawn to her aura.

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