8 Things You Might Not Know About Coco Martin

Popularly known as “Coco Martin” on mainstream television today, Rodel Luis Nacianceno, unlike any other stars in the industry, made his way to Stardom through involvement in the indie aspect. He really worked hard to be where he is now, that made him admirable to the eyes of his supporters. Now, let us get to know this cutie hunk over here!


  1. Chill out girls. He’s just  a multi-awarded indie actor!

As a matter of fact, he is recognized as the “Prince of Philippine Independent Films” for he has worked for several Indie films that were really mind boggling and inspiring. Some of the many films he starred, were Masahista and Serbis Tambolista among others. This involvement in the indie industry also awarded him the Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actor trophy.

  1. He’s the simplest boy-next-door crushie type!

If you are really a fan, you would know that Coco’s early life is not something of wealth and riches. Their family was not part of the upper strata, thus making them worth every penny they got. Coco, before being discovered in the acting industry, actually worked as a janitor and a housekeeping personnel in Alberta, Canada. See? His story is really one of those rags-to-riches type! And mind you Cocoholics, Cocojam, Coconatics, Cocolovers, he’s the simplest guy ever! According to one interview, he still go “torpe” over someone he likes. I bet that’s true!


  1. He’s a quiet, religious-type of person!

On one interview, Coco admitted that he is a devotee of the Black Nazarene. He said that what inspired him to be was his grandmother. Together, they always see to it that they visit Quiapo to give thanks and praises to the Nazarene. Some says that this devotion of him has shaped his life largely – from his humble attitude up to the blessing he has been receiving until now.

  1. Cocojam is Sailing!

The ship is sailing! For all the Coco and Julia’s fans out there, you are right to go kilig! On one interview, Coco said that indeed, Julia is one of the girls he considers as ‘girlfriend material’. OMG! He said that it is her attitude and personality that attract him the most! On the other hand, Julai affirmed that “walang babaeng, hindi mai-inlove kay Coco”! So i guess, it is up to us fans to wait for the official announcement.