ALERT: 10 Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You!

Studies show that 5 out of ten men (50%) and also women (50%) cheat at some point in their relationship. Scary. So, you are probably wondering: “What are the odds that my partner is cheating on me?” It’s 50-50. So, if you feel like your partner is cheating on you, you might be correct.

After asking around several folks, we’ve come up with a list outlining the different signs to look for that MIGHT mean your partner is cheating on you. Ready? Here’s the list:

1. Your partner can never leave his/her phone unattended

When your partner keeps a password-protected smartphone under his/her close watch, and takes it everywhere even in the bathroom, that might be a red flag. Doing so can help the cheating partner hide text messages (perhaps he/she is anxious that somebody might text and you get to read it and find out his/her affair), or make secret calls.


2. Your partner always has a reason you cannot come and visit or hang out in his/her living space

If your partners ALWAYS keeps making excuses for you not to come to his/her home, announced or otherwise, that could be a bad sign. If you are in the early stages of the relationship, this boundary is fine. But if you used to.. you know.. hang out a lot in his/her living space and then suddenly everything changed and you are no longer welcome, that might be a red flag.