Top 10 Most Powerful Gay Celebrities In The Philippines

Even before the women’s right movement’s momentum kicked in, the homosexual rights discourse is already conceived. It only gained momentum when states have begun adopting more liberal policies towards civil liberties and human rights.

Nonetheless, while discrimination against women and the LGBTQ community still persists, the discourse has been elevated and the political movement has been bearing good fruits (e.g. legalisation of same-sex marriage in most of US and EU states).

Another measure of society’s acceptance of homosexuality is the recognition it gives to members of the LGBT community as meaning-makers or influencers. And the cardinal rule of power politics is that ‘meaning-making is in itself a footprint of power.’

Here are the most powerful gay celebrities in the Philippines in different industries who risked their careers (and now are successful) to be true to their sexuality, and who make us proud to be the gay and lesbian that we are.

10. Allan K

allan-k.-02Allan K was born as Allan Quilantang. He felt that the name Quilantang was a mouthful for audiences and so switched it to K.

Allan K’s first appearance in Eat Bulaga! was in the segment “Bulagaan”. Before joining the show he performed in bars, and in other countries. He became a regular host of Eat Bulaga!, with his own segment entitled “Allan Nose (knows) Best”.

Alongside Eat Bulaga!, Allan K was also a host of All Star K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge together with singer and host Jaya Ramsey, from 2004 to 2009.

He also previously hosted BandaOke with co-host Jaya Ramsey, and co-hosted the comedy talent show Comedy Bar with Eugene Domingo.

Allan K. is also inducted to the Philippines Eastwood City Walk Of Fame in 2014 for contributing his singing, acting, and hosting.